What’s Going On Arizona? Williams Edition

Growing up in the Valley I often heard the statement “There is nothing to do in this town.” And besides the Grand Canyon and Sedona bit, most do struggle with what to do while you are in Arizona. Until now. I present you with the ongoing series:

“What’s going on… Arizona? #WGOAZ

I am raised in Arizona and know that there is a ton to do in this state that is why I have created the hashtag #wgoAZ.

You will be able to reference this handy little guide to things you CAN do in AZ!! Just search for the hashtag #wgoaz on Facebook or Twitter to find all the posts.

To start us off:

Gas pump

Antique gas pumps in Williams, AZ.

While there is a lot to do in the Valley, some may want to get away. There are many places in that state that makePhoenix, and Arizona, a very special place. One of those that is very near and dear to my heart is Williams, Arizona. It is hard to believe that you can drive just over two hours north out of the desert and be in the tall pines, and sometimes snow, of northern Arizona. While there is a lot to enjoy in Williams here are a few of my favorites that I hope you will take the time to explore:

– My family has had a cabin there for the last 9 years nestled right down from one of the most famous golf courses in the country you can play: Elephant Rocks. Not only is it beautiful, but from what I hear (I am not allowed to play on many nice courses out of respect for the groundskeepers), a very challenging and fun course to play. Check it out. Elephant Rocks Golf Course

-Besides the Grand Canyon Railway, Williams also offers an incredible sight called BEARIZONA, a Drive-thru Wildlife Park. It’s pretty cool to see natural wildlife going about it’s biz whilst you drive thru and just gaze upon bear playing out in the wild! My nephews and nieces absolutely love it!

Downtown Williams

Downtown Historic Williams

-Or just a stroll down the Downtown Williams Historic Walk. Reminiscent of the old Route 66 towns it is quaint with a small town feel with small shops and some great eateries.

So, if you are heading up north to escape the craziness of the valley this week or just to enjoy in general. Williams is a must see destination that is unique and has something to offer for everyone.


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