Scottsdale Area Holiday Events

Light Wrapped TreeAre you looking to get into the holiday spirit? Well, recently posted an excellent list of the Top 10 Arizona holiday events.  As the article points out, it is difficult for some to get into the holiday spirit in the valley, with our 65 degree days and all.  So, here are the top three on the list which also happen to be my personal favorites. By the way, these are also great events to occupy the relatives in town that you have no idea what to do with and all are kid friendly.

  1. Las Noches Luminarias – Imagine strolling through the Desert Botanical Garden’s luminaria lit paths with dramatically lit desert landscapes on a chilly evening with hot chocolate in hand while discovering different bands, carolers and choirs on your walk.  That is what this event is all about, truly a can’t miss. You can find more info at
  2. ZooLights – This is a great event for kids that adults will enjoy as well.  The Phoenix Zoo basically gets turned into a walking Christmas light tour of the grounds. Complete with animals and a light show put to music.  Go to for more details.
  3. AZ 88 Christmas tree installation – This is a unique and quite frankly artsy holiday tradition in Scottsdale but AZ 88 is an excellent restaurant to dine at and the art only adds to the ambiance. I can’t wait to see Janis Leonard’s newest Christmas tree creation. Find more info by clicking here.

So there are three to get you started. Check out the whole list and find out details about the events here.

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