Lets talk about that D.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo, not that d. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I am talking about the D in D. Patrick Lewis.

Besides, how is the real estate market these days? It is by far the second most asked question I get.

So what does the D. stand for anyway?

I usually tell people it stands for Django, which is always fun and provokes an odd stare.

Since it is obviously not Django, here is the story:

My father is Dwayne Gage Lewis, I am Dwayne Patrick Lewis. To avoid us both being called Dwayne my parents elected to call me Patrick. Which is the name most people know me by.

When I first got into this profession I tried to find a Patrick Lewis domain name. As you can probably guess, there were none, they were all taken by the other Patrick Lewis’ of the world. As a result I was scrambling for ideas to differentiate myself. Then my mother suggested using the D.

That made sense to me because for 40 years my father owned an architecture firm in Phoenix and most times went by the name Dwayne G. Lewis Architects. ┬áSo, I initially did it as an homage to my father because I respect the hell out of what he overcame in his life and how he built a very successful business. But I also did it as a way to differentiate myself from the, apparently, plethora of Patrick Lewis’ in the world.

However, it has some ancillary benefits, most people remember me because of the D and the D is a good conversation starter. It is a good thing I did it too because there is now a Center for the Seattle Seahawks named Patrick Lewis, which has wreaked havoc with my google alerts and messed up my Patrick Lewis SEO.

The D. has been a blessing but still some are confused about what to call me.

So, in an effort to clear the air, you can call me D., D. Patrick, D. Pat, DPL, Django or just Patrick. It is just a first initial after all.



  1. Why am I singing… “Lets talk about D, baby”

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