A family night out in Scottsdale

My family, wife and two boys, and I live in south Scottsdale just east of Old Town and we love it. We have been here 10 years and love the community and its amenities. While we do enjoy cooking at home, some nights that just ain’t happening, more often than not on a week night after a long day.

So we go out.


Soleri Bridge and Plaza

While real estate is good to me and my family, shout out to my awesome clients and supporters, we aren’t the Rockafellers. Our boys are also younger so a weeknight evening out for us is pretty simple. Our first stop is Sauce at the Scottsdale Waterfront, they have a diverse menu but their pizzas and salads are full of awesome. After dinner we walk a little south to Olive & Ivy, an upscale restaurant that has a small store front where they sell freshly made gelato and some other groceries. The flavors change almost daily and the quality is outstanding.

Since Olive & Ivy sits on the canal it is a great opportunity to work off that sugar high. We usually cross at southbridge and stroll down the canal. Depending on the time of year the canal will be decorated with some type of art installation that makes the walk that much more enjoyable. The Soleri Bridge and Plaza, a unique pedestrian bridge spanning the canal designed by the late and great local designer Paolo Soleri, is just a half-mile walk. There you can see a large handmade Soleri Bell that made the artist and designer famous.

Then you can head up to The Doors an interactive art installation or continue a nice stroll south through Old Town. It is a lovely evening and will not break the bank. And you can still be home in time for the bath and bed adventure of the night.

Now, there is a huge variety of places to eat near Old Town this is just one example of my family’s weekday evening out.

Here is a map of the route we take. Hope it helps and go enjoy!

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