6 of My Favorite Places to Eat in the Biltmore area

While I love to travel around this great state I also like staying closer to home.

fRFpBoYZrzE8byq9.jpgI was very fortunate to grow up in one of the most thriving and family-oriented neighborhoods of Arcadia and the Biltmore. These areas have grown by leaps and bounds and are home to some world famous restaurants, resorts and businesses. I love the area at 32nd Street and Camelback Road so much I bought a home very close by. The culinary choices in the area are limitless but there are a few restaurants you should be sure not to miss. They are:

Tarbell’s. Mark Tarbell is not only one of the nicest guys you can share a glass of wine with. He is also the creator of the some of the most tantalizing dishes one can experience. He has taken his famous neighborhood restaurant and expanded to the old Sportsman’s suites, creating an incredible excuse to get out of the house anytime of day. Walk in and enjoy a glass of wine or a sandwich at the Tavern or pick up a quick gift at the Wine Store. But don’t forget to come back for dinner. You won’t regret it!  Thanks, Mark,for your years of enticing us to the corner. You will also find Tomaso’s and his little bistro as well.

One of my next favorites happens to be going through a major reintroduction from the burrito brand we have all come to love,The Revo Burrito. The spot owned by my friend, local serial restaurateur and my former boss, Lenny Rosenberg is evolving.  His revolutionary healthy Mexican food, is coming back rebranded as Mexx 32.  Lenny is changing the concept to a more full service restaurant and is sure to be another of his successes and another vice for me. Be sure to check out another one of Lenny’s great concepts, Delux Burger while you are in the center as well. Delux offers the best food you will find anywhere till 2 am and a reverse happy hour to boot!

Down the street is my favorite place to meet my friends is North Italia. What a wonderful place to walk to and just belly up at the garage-door style bar and take in the fresh air off Camelback Mountain. Munch on a brick-fired pizza and share a pasta, before splitting the salted caramel pudding with…lets face it, I am not sharing. Get there before 6 on weekdays and you can choose from $4 drinks, pizzas and more!

ZZPvZaGGic7uPlEf.jpgIf I need a “don’t break the bank” pasta fix, I’ll head out to Babbo on 16th street, for the most amazing  spaghetti and meatballs in the area. Even better, you can cure the craving for $5.99 on Mondays and Tuesdays, ALL day! Go visit Krissy and Drea for the best service at the  bar, and you will have your Monday (or Tuesday) spot!

By the way, a mainstay for the last 25+ years is Keegan’s, great food, great service and their patio has beautiful views of Camelback mountain.

Enjoy some of my favorite spots and I look forward to seeing you out there.


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