How will Twitter change your business?

A couple weeks ago 24/7 Wall St wrote an article entitled The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business, the article centers on how Twitter benefits hyper-local marketing efforts and how it helps eliminate the need for some large scale media advertising for some businesses. It is a fascinating article and I highly recommend reading it.

As I was reading this article I began to think about how Twitter has changed my business.  Well, not being a prolific writer I came up with 5 Ways Twitter has changed my business.  Here they are:

1) Twitter has given me the opportunity to connect easily and more often with people that are local.  Not to mention the ability to actually meet and connect with people IRL (in real life) via tweetups, etc.

2) When I need product suggestions or some minor technical help, I have found myself using Twitter before Google. Reason being is that the help and/or suggestions I receive on Twitter are generally from people I know and have engaged with or met IRL. That means that I put more trust and confidence in the suggestions I get from Twitter. This is also probably the reason Google has been so interested in Twitter.

3) I have learned to be more succinct with my communication skills. Twitter does not give you the opportunity to be long winded, therefore it forces you to articulate your point in 140 characters or less.

4) Collaborating with other like minded business professionals to exchange ideas, foster innovation and support one another has been invaluable, especially during an economic downturn when it is easy to lose focus.

5) Finally, Twitter has given me another channel to connect and engage my potential and existing clients.  Which gives me a chance to learn more about them so that I can better meet their needs.

So I ask, how has Twitter changed your business?

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