Scottsdale Homes under $250k, there are more than you think.

Seriously, there are more than you think. I was surprised myself when I ran a search for homes under $250,000 in Scottsdale and came up with 434. That number does include single family, patio and town homes in Scottsdale and does not include condominiums/apartment style homes.


The news gets even better. According to my amortization schedule a $245,000 mortgage at 6% interest on a 30 year fixed with 12 payments a year and without including taxes and insurance is $1469 per month! How many people do you know that are paying that in rent alone?

Scottsdale has a lot to offer in amenities, quality of their schools and their dedication to public art, something I hold very near and dear to my heart. So, please, spread the word. There are affordable homes in Scottsdale.


  1. WOW – Patrick – affordable homes in Scottsdale? Honestly, in all the years I’ve lived in AZ, I never thought I would see those words in the same sentence. I hope people realize that now is a great time to buy & yes, Scottsdale is a great city to live in. After all, Scottsdale is the “most livable city”, right?

  2. Patrick – I am surprised there are over 400 places under $250K. Scottsdale has such a great culture to it.

  3. I like the chart! Is that a google spreadsheet chart?

  4. And the retaggr thingy!! Nice work DPL

  5. Calie and Kevin, thank you for the comments, I think Scottsdale is an amazing place to live and I am happy to see affordable housing return for the time being.

    Phil, thank you, the chart is a google spreadsheet converted to a chart then I used to add other wording I needed. The retaggr thingy was rediculously easy. Let me know if you need help with it.

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