My Very First Meme / 7 Things About Me

I was recently ‘tagged’ for a Meme twice in the past three days by my friends Justin McHood and Calie Waterhouse. As you probably already know a Meme is a blog post that usually tells others several things about you on a personal level that they probably don’t already know. Then, at the end of the Meme the writer of the blog post ‘tags’ 7 other people to write one about themselves. This variation requires me to tell you 7 things about me that have nothing to do with Real Estate. Before you know it we will be playing the infamous game show “Too Much Information.”

So, without further ado, lets play TMI with our guest D. Patrick Lewis.

1. I am a political junkie. I am the Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee for the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS and am a member of the Legislative Committee for the Arizona Association of REALTORS. I feel it is one of the best ways for me to give back to my industry and my community.

2. I enjoy gardening. I have found this activity to be a great stress reliever and very therapeutic.

3. I love to cook. Cooking is something I picked up along the way and also find it to be very therapeutic.

4. I am the son of an architect. My father was an architect in the Phoenix area for about 30 years and did some amazing work. Unfortunately I did not get his drawing ability but I did get his passion for creativity and design.

5. I love dachshunds. I can’t help it, my family has owned dachshunds my entire life, I love their disposition and attitude. My wife and I own two, Elliot is 10 years old and Shiloh is 6 months old.

6. I sunburn easily.

7. I love to camp, hike and backpack. Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of camping and backpacking with my father in the various canyons and campgrounds throughout Arizona. I can’t wait to create those same memories with my children.

Well, there you have it, my Meme. I hope it was as exciting as you anticipated and you learned something you didn’t already know about me.

Now is the time that I get to ‘tag’ 7 other people that I would like to know more about, and they are:
Phil Sexton
Sarah Stelmok
Paul Slaybaugh
Tyler Hurst
Shailesh Ghimire
Todd Tarson
Gary Miljour


  1. “I sunburn easily” – HIL-arious. That definitely goes in the TMI category.

    Thanks for tagging me?

  2. Justin made me do it too! I will be sitting in the shade with you! I love to hike as well, have done N to S Grand Canyon @ many trails on the south rim – Havasupai 3 times – amazing! check out my 7 things

  3. Hey Patrick – Thanks so much for playing along … I know sometimes these things can be a wee bit of a pain 🙂 Sounds like your 7 things can easily be turned into some great posts. May 2009 be wildly successful for you & your family!

  4. Great MeMe!

    I like the fact that you started out with:

    “I am a political junkie. I am Chairman of…”

    We can work with that.

    Just don’t forget the peeps who knew you before you got elected to that big office we have you mentally slotted for.

    Justin McHood’s last blog post..Buying A House in Arizona? Talk To A Mortgage Guy First.

  5. D. Patrick for Governor!

    Jay Thompson’s last blog post..The Phoenix Agents: Two Great Phoenix Agents and Bloggers Combine Forces

  6. Getting to know you through a meme was great.. we already know you are a super nice guy/realtor… Just tell me where to cast my vote? We think you are a perfect candidate for anything! Thanks for sharing DPL!

    Candace Robinson’s last blog post..Buying A Home Using A Reverse Mortgage

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